Police Officers angry with Sata for saying they are uneducated

Police officers have expressed anger at President Sata’s demeaning remarks against them as quoted in the PF controlled Post Newspaper edition of Wednesday April 11, 2012 in which the President implied that they were uneducated.

Some Police officers told the Zambianwatchdog that Sata should not call them uneducated because there are many police officers that are educated even more than he is.

They said even his own Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani, is more educated than he.

“How can President Sata imply that we are uneducated when most of the officers in the service have degrees?” said some anonymous Police Officers.

Speaking after he swore in Anti-Corruption commissioners, Police Officers felt demeaned when President Sata said “let us strengthen the ACC because the police, there is very little they can do. We have more qualified people in the ACC because if the ACC can…you have more officers just as the police but you are not in touch with the public”.

The officers said they are aware that some people within State House have nicknamed Mr. Sata as ‘Mr. Simplify’ because he cannot comprehend simple reports.

The officers said President Sata always calls on Evans Chibiliti (Secretary to the Cabinet) to simplify reports for him unlike his predecessors like Rupiah Banda and Levy Mwanawasa.

“You saw for yourselves how the president quickly referred Sebastian Zulu’s report to Chibiliti because, according to him, it was complicated”.

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