Police officers confiscate four guns from Former Itezyi Tezyi MP Beene

Police Officers in Itezhi Tezhi district have confiscated four guns from UPND immediate past area Member of Parliament Godfrey Beene.
According to police sources in Itezhi Tezhi Beene, now supporting the MMD candidate David Diangamo who is also his uncle has been threatening the people not to vote for the opposition UPND.
Beene who resigned and denounced the UPND after he was not re-adopted to contest, organized youths to destabilize the meeting that Hichilema had in Itezhi Tezhi.
“We collected four guns from Mr. Beene Godfrey after members of the public launched a complaint at the police here and we are already investigating him,” said the source.
The source told the Watchdog that the use of any fire arm before, during and after elections was unlawful and against the electoral code of conduct.
“And because it is not legal for somebody to move with guns like theway Beene behaved we shall arrest and detain anyone found wanting especially this period when the country is going to hold elections,”
the source said.
Police authorities in the district have however, assured members of the public to express and exercise their democratic rights in accordance with the law.
“We shall not allow or even permit anyone to intimidate others on the basis of political, religious, race from expressing, associating and belonging to a political party of their choice, we shall maintain
peace and order,” the source said.
A comment from Southern province Police Commanding Officer Lemmy Kajoba proved futile by press time as his mobile went unanswered.

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