‘Police officers manning Munyumbwe Check point are stinking corrupt’

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring this to your attention that Police officers manning Munyumbwe police check point between Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi are stinkingly corrupt as they are using a losely enacted law on non use of unregistered vehicles. Last week Thursday, I was driving on the Ndola – Lusaka road on my way from Dar es salaam to pick up a car with an IT registration.
I travelled very well all the way from Dar es salaam including within Tanzania where you find the most corrupt Police officers asking for small bribes every other few kilometers in the name of “soda” (drink).
The journey between Nakonde and Kapiri was equally incident free except when I got to Munyumbwe check point.
A non traffic officer in paramilitary gear asked me to park by the side and demanded for my drivers lincense and insurance which i produced.
He then led me to their “ka small” where he whispered to to his friend to charge me with use of unregistered motor vehicle. His friend announced to me that I was being charged with use of unregistered motor vehicle and needed to pay KR180.
I tried arguing to say I was actually not using the vehicle but merely in transit from Dar es salaam to Lusaka. I produced all my documentation showing that the car was only cleared the other day and all paper work was correct including the TRN was in place. In the car. I was with my brother who was helping me out drive all the way from Dar es salaam, they insisted that infact I was carrying a passenger claiming that the law only allows one person on an IT (unregistered car).
I lamented that I had run out of cash and was feeling too tired and only wanted to get home so I could catch a bath and sleep. A lady cop came in saying, if KR180 was too much for, they could let me go if I paid KR135. I pleaded with them, but since they had confiscated my drivers licence and insurance, I was doomed and held hostage.
I ended up getting money reserved for my fuel (KR135) in order to pay these crooked public officers so they could let me go and rest. I promised myself that I would pass through their Provincial office in Kabwe to present a complaint with the head of Traffic. I went went to the Provincial office traffic unit and met two seemingly junior traffic officers whom I asked to see their in – charge.
I could see from their malnurished faces that those chaps did not want me to see their boss.
They kept asking me why I wanted to see their unit head. I told them I merely wanted to seek clarification of a certain traffic offence.
The two chaps insisted, there was no need for me to see their boss, as I insisted to doing so, their boss appeared and asked what the matter  was. As I tried to explain, one of the junior officers kept on interupting me saying there was nothing wrong and I told him that he was not my spokesperson.
I then explained my ordeal, though I was not sastified with the Traffic In – charges’s explaination as he was also trying to shield his colleagues, I promised that I will make an undertaking to take up the issue with the IG.
They looked at me and laughed, they even started making fun of me saying the IG is a very busy person, one of them even said, I could only see her if she was my relative. I was surprised at this level of thinking by people I expect to be enforcing the law.
I told them that the IG is a Public offcer just like them and can be seen by any resoanable citizen.
The truth of the matter is this so called law banning use of unregistered motor vehicles is deliberately being misinterpreted by law enforcers for their own looting from innocent citizens. If driving a vehicle with a valid TRN and insurance is a crime, then why issue them to us in the first place? It would make sense if both the TRN and inssurance had expired and one was still driving the vehicle. I also expect each traffic offence to have a standard penalty and upon payment one should be issued with a valid GRZ General receipt.
Concerned Citizen. Please withhold my identity

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