Police officers manufacture K2 m fake money

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested and jointly charged three Police officers for being in possession of over K2 million counterfeit notes.

The three are identified as Chief Inspector Maybin Kasezya, 43, of Chelston Police Station, Inspector Maureen Nawa, 45, also of Chelston Police Station and Sergeant Joyford Mambe, 29, of Nakonde Police Station who is believed to have couriered the contraband.

The suspects have been charged with being in possession of counterfeit notes amounting to over K2.4 million in K100 bills after being intercepted in Lusaka’s Chelston Township when they were about to transact.

The Commission wishes to strongly reiterate its caution to members of the public to familiarise themselves with the features of the Zambian Kwacha and look out for unscrupulous individuals behind a spate of counterfeit notes as the Commission will not relent in its mandate to ensure that individuals behind such illicit activities are brought to book.

The suspects are currently in Police custody and will appear in court soon.

Theresa Katongo

Public Relations Officer

Drug Enforcement Commission


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    Am asking for my gratuity salary since my contract as terminated sunshine kasumbalesa wasnt been paying my napsa

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    Evans 1 week

    Now who will enforce the law if the police are the law breakers?

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    Eye 1 week

    Drunkenness, sexual immorality and abuse, corruption, stealing, injustice to mention a few….all just only attract epidemic, famine, draught, earthquake etc. Criminals in uniforms or without …all have contributed to Lusaka predicaments.

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    Angoni chaiwo 1 week

    BOZ seems to have gone in deep slumber;ever since they introduced the new currency they have failed to see how the currency is performing. For instance it is not easy to get change when you make a cash payment. BOZ must be ordered by the powers that be to quickly sensitive all of us on the features on the genuine currency so that all of us will be able to know counterfeit currency.

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    BEBE 1 week

    @Dora,Yaba,ati “they do not want to be left behind!!”Is it a race?

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    Dora 2 weeks

    I cant blame them obviously they seeing
    how the corrupt pf leaders accumulating
    wealth and they don’t want to be left behind.