Police officers stranded, as government steals their thrift contributions

Police officers stranded, as government steals their thrift contributions

Officers as they wait patiently

Officers as they wait in vain

img-20170206-wa0037Several police officers from all parts of the country have been stranded at the Zambia Police Thrift offices in sikanze Police camp after failing to access the money that they have been remitting to their Zambia Police Thrift account which runs more like a cooperative society after they were told that in spite of their salaries being deducted at pay point, their money is never remitted to the society.

This money ranging from K500 to K1,000 per month reflects as a deduction and can be accessed at any critical time instead of the officer going to get loans from micro finance institutions at exorbitant rates, but the officers started fighting for this money as way back as December last year for them to pay the school fees for their children.

“My three children are not going to school so I spent the little that I had to travel here but again I cant access my own money. what kind of government is this which even robs the people responsible for their own security?”” wondered one officer from a far flung area which we have with held to protect him from being harmed.

And Ministry of Finance officials have disclosed that the money is deducted but there is an ‘unseen hand that diverts the money from the Police thrift account into facilitating PF party expenses’.

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