Police only work for political events

Police only work for political events



#1. Sleeping.
#2. Eating.
#3. Running battles with CBU and UNZA students when they rightfully cry for what belongs to them.
#4. To work during by-elections for MP’s and Councillors. ____________________________________________

May I First Take You Back To The #Mailoni_Brothers. Those who can remember very well the mailoni brothers stole peace from the villagers for a period of over 7 years.

The villagers stopped moving freely,by 18:00hrs everyone was indoors, the villagers stopped farming for fear of been killed by the 3 mailoni brothers when we had over 700 officers sleeping in comfort and getting our taxpayers money.

Don’t tell me that government had never heard of the mailoni brothers by then, But what surprised me is there was no time when government thought of setting up camps to eliminate the mailoni brothers not until when GBM who was a minister of Defense rose and declared war on the mailoni and said your days are numbered.
Recently we saw and we are still witnessing deaths in chingola, ritual killings are the order of the day. But government has never thought of setting up camps in Chingola.

But here we are government has dispatched over 300 hundred Kamfinsa mobile police officers for a #BY_ELECTION slated dated
#13_February_2020 in #CHILUBI as if the elections are going to be held tomorrow. This clear shows that something is wrong here.

For lack of a better term allow me to say that #Kufyabupa_Mulaposako_Amono!
Honestly speaking how do you dispatch over 300 mobile police officers for a #BY_ELECTION where there is no violence reported at the moment and neglect the people of #CHINGOLA?

And remember last Saturday a 28 years old lady was gang rapped and killed between 19hrs and 20hrs in Chambili Kitwe.
Recently we have seen the increase of gangs in Zambia whilst our police men in uniforms are just sleep and getting away with our taxpayers money at the month end.


Are police officers employed for elections purposes?

Police officers have been reduced to mere cadres.

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