Police open docket against Shakafuswa

Police in Chilanga have opened a docket for Katuba member of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa and his younger brother Ephraim, for threatening violence against journalist Clayson Hamasaka and UPND supporter, Clarence Zulu.

According to a police statement recorded at Chilanga Police station, Clarence explained that she was attending a wedding reception at Twangale park on Saturday night when Shakafuswa and his brother Ephraim approached her and two of her friends, threatening to kill her for writing false stories about his second wife, Michelle Thonicroft, on Zambian Watchdog.

“I was surprised when Shakafuswa and his brother Ephraim, approached me and told me that he was going to kill me. He said he was going to eliminate me and Clayson Hamasaka for publishing false stories about him and his coloured wife,” she reported. “He said he had given me two weeks to watch what will happen to me. He said I should watch my back and that he will blow off my head because he has killed before. He said he has always gotten away with the killings because he was the head of Lusaka division flying squad. ‘I have killed before and I know how to do it because I am a mafia’.”

And Suko Habinda, a witness, explained that Shakafuswa uttered grave insults against her and UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

“I was shocked that a big man like Shakafuswa would utter such shameful insult.
He told me that, ‘you are f***d up together with HH. If he doesn’t f*** you, tell him to go and f*** his cows’. I refused, I told him to relay the message to HH, himself,” reported.
And Sharmain Pule, another witness said Ephraim said they should watch what would happen to them in two weeks.

“They uttered all manner of death threats on us. Ephraim also told us to watch ourselves, that is how he dragged his brother away leaving us in total fear,” she said.

And Hamasaka said he received a phone call around 17:30 from Shakafuswa, who threatened to kill him over the stories he was allegedly writing on the said platform against his private life.

“He called me and started shouting at me saying I am a devil and that he will eliminate me. I don’t know why he picked on me,” Hamasaka said. But Shakafuswa in an interview denied having issued any death threats on anyone.

“I just told that girl that it isn’t right for her to insult my wife. I told her, ‘Clarence you can’t insult’ because she has been running articles on the Zambian Watchdog. Clayson shouldn’t even lie, I just told him ‘you are the editor for the Zambian Watchdog’. I am prepared to go the police,” said Shakafuswa.

Shakafuswa is a documented murderer and car thief.

Shakafuswa is a documented murderer and car thief.

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