Police ordered to detain journalists without formal charges

Sources at Police headquarters have disclosed that senior government officials have ordered that the two journalists whose homes were raided this morning be detained and spend the night in police custody. The source also adds that more journalists are targeted in this raid.

“It is the top command that has ordered that the guys be locked up so, certainly they wont be released, and there is a list drawn for this crack down so be assured that more are going to be picked and be persecuted,” said the source who sought anonymity.

Clayson Hamasaka, former Evelyn Hone College Journalism Lecturer in whose hands most prominent journalists including Statehouse spokesperson George Chellah have passed and Thomas Zyambo have not been charged with any offences but have been illegally detained, by 16:00hrs Hamasaka was still being persecuted at Police headquarters while Zyambo’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The PF government has a scheme to harm journalists from media houses that are critic of their failed policies which have subjected Zambians to misery.
The detention places of the two are not known and there is fear that their lives may be in danger.

No official statement has come out from the security agencies that raided the homes of Hamasaka and Zyambo in the early hours of today.

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