Police, PF thugs team up to beat journalists and UPND supporters

Police, PF thugs team up to beat journalists and UPND supporters

Police and other armed PF thugs commanded by ailing dictator Michael Sata’s personal thug Judge Ngoma have teamed up to terrorize UPND camps and abduct and beat up some named journalists.

Sata's personal Thug Judge Ngoma

Sata’s personal Thug Judge Ngoma

Last night Ngoma went into the villages and started firing the gun in the air in an attempt to scare villagers. Ngoma also gave directives to his thugs to begin searching for journalists suspected of exposing the PF misdeeds in Mangango on this site. He gave personal directives that any ‘unfriendly’ person found with a camera must be abducted and beaten.

And PF cadre Western province deputy police commissioner only identified as a Mr. Sakala declared at the police station that the police and PF thugs would team up to make sure that UPND is frustrated and does not win elections, Sakala who is being used by Sata’s niece and western province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi accused the PF of causing violence.

Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa has been arrested and detained because the PF fear that he leads youths that are ensuring that rigging does not take place. By press time Shakafuswa was still at Kaoma police station and accompanied by his Mazabuka counterpart Gary Nkombo and other UPND leaders.

And voters of Mangango have vowed not to be intimidated by PF whom they have openly rejected. Some residents spoken to said that they would continue fighting alongside UPND in beating unruly PF thugs.

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