Police pick up Fr. Frank Bwalya

Police in Kitwe Friday afternoon picked up Father Frank Bwalya, the director of an NGO called Change Zambia or die.
Information reaching the Watchdog indicate that cops are questioning the priest over his Red Card campaign which he launched on 27th February 2010.
When he launched the campaign, Father Bwalya said the idea is to save the country from the insensitive, corrupt, dictatorial and selfish MMD regime.
But the police are interpreting this as an attempt at removing a legitimate government from power using unconstitutional means.
Fr. Bwalya had said during the launch that the foul behaviour of the MMD government deserved nothing less than a red card.
The red card campaign includes whistle blowing and honking.
Father Bwalya told his supporter that:
“As part of the red card campaign, all Zambians will whistle or make sounds using any available instrument, wear red arm bands or head bands and flash red cards every Friday from 16:00 until the next day,” he stated. “During the meeting, participants called upon all motorists to move with headlamps on every Friday. We wish to remind the general public that the RCC kicks off as scheduled today, Friday 5th March 2010 and we are confident that the campaign will gather pace and popular support as more people become aware of it and inevitably decide to participate.”
Fatrher Bwalya began the civil disobedience campaign with Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), Citizens Forum and Southern Africa Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD).

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