Police plannimg to arrest GBM tonight

Police plan to search and arrest GBM tonight

Police are on their way to surround GBM’s house and later force their way inside and search the house for anything seditious and illegal.

A reliable source has revealed that police  have been instructed to ensure that GBM is detained and later arrested for a charge which will have him in remand or prison for a longer period.

The PF have resolved that this is the only way to stop him from campaigning as all strategies have failed.

The source also said this time GBM will be arrested and charged with an unbailable offence so that he is completely out of the race.

This is one way  the PF government plans  to derail the UPND campaign .

The UPND runningmate has since been charged with differentv offences and appearing before different magistrates in Lusaka and the Copperbelt provincesl

This is scheduled to take place tonight and anytime from now

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