Police planning to arrest HH tonight

A squadron of police officers is tonight being deployed to leading presidential contender Hakainde Hichilema’s residence in Lusaka’s New Kasama to conduct a raid and thereafter arrest him on some fictitious charge.

Police Force Headquarters sources, who are among those in-charge of ‘Operation Clamp-down HH’, told Social FM News that the morning interview where Hichilema was subsequently warned and cautioned over his Kalomo farm bought 16 years ago was just a cover up.

“That was just a D-Coy. The real operation takes place tonight. We will be conducting a raid at HH’s home in Chalala (New Kasama) where we will search for some documents and other items in the motor vehicles and inside the house,” the source said. “We have been instructed to thereafter effect an arrest and the orders are that we must not leave that place without Mr Hichilema.”

The sources directed Zambians to take keen interest in Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s press statement explaining the fatal shooting of two people outside Force Headquarters this morning.

“Clearly, the IG is stating that Mr Hichilema was asked to come to Force Headquarters for interviews before ‘appearance’,” the source pointed out. “To any sharp mind, that is an indication that the police operation against HH did not end with this morning’s interview at Force Headquarters. Hence tonight’s raid at his house.”

Two people, a State Prosecutor, Nsama Nsama, and UPND supporter, Joseph Kunda, were this morning shot dead as armed police officers dispersed a peaceful crowd of Hichilema’s supporters who went to Force Headquarters to offer him solidarity.

The police command set aside K430,000 plus for the operation that has seen live ammunition being fired at dispersing crowds.

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