Police pursue local government PS Ngulu

Police pursue local government PS Ngulu

DEC Targets PS Ngulube

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has opened an inquiry on local government permanent secretary Mathew Ngulube over his corrupt deals.

Ngulube, who is senior PF member and sponsor of musicians, is due to appear before DEC next week after being linked to huge last minute payments for feeder roads shortly after elections
Ngulube, who is business partner of President Edgar Lungu son Daliso, is also linked to vehicles owned by Mutale Mwanza.

“He will appear next week. He has insisted that he made the payments on instructions from State House aide Andrew Chellah,” the source said.

Ngulube is believed to have been paid 10% on the all payments released last week while another 10% went to PF secretariat.

“He is the kingpin in these transaction. Mainly Chinese companies siphoned out the money,” the source said.
Ngulube was CEO of the National Construction Council (NCC) before he was made PS. He is also accused to have received 2% of the contract sum of the Ndola Airport from Avic and paid the PF musicians.

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