Police raid houses and detain journalists suspected of publishing Zambian Watchdog

Police have detained three journalists they suspect of running the Zambian Watchdog, this website. Police said they were looking for drugs and seditious material in the 02 hours operation.

Thomas Zgambo, a former reporter for Zambia Daily Mail, was picked up at his house around 02 hours Tuesday morning.

Another team of eight  police officers from Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), OP and regular police also raided Clayson Hamasaka’s house in Woodlands around 02: 30. By 06 hours this morning, the police were still searching Hamasaka’s house.

They had by then confiscated all phones from him  and family members in the house. They grabbed his laptops, computers and were collecting all sorts of documents from the house while the family was held incommunicado.

The police said they have a search warranty for drugs but were also looking for seditious material. Hamasaka is a former journalism lecturer at Evelyn Hone College.

When the police went to Hamasaka’s house, he refused to open the gate for them saying he needed to have a lawyer while they conduct the search. After one hour and before the lawyer Jack Mwimbu arrived, the police had broken the gate and forced their way in.

At Zgambo’ s house, the police simply pushed their way in and grabbed his computers and whaterver documents they could lay their hands on.

Zgambo is currently detained at some unknown location.

Another journalist whose identity is yet to be verified has been picked up and locked in the same operation.

The Zambian regime two weeks ago blocked the Zambian Watchdog from  inside Zambia but the blocking has since been rendered ineffective as our technical team has found a way to have the site accessible in Zambia.

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