Police raid Zindaba Soko’s house

Police raid Zindaba Soko’s house

A combined tram of the Police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and secret police (OP) are currently (23: 15 hours) searching the house of Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Zindaba Soko. The combined Task Force has been questioning Soko since morning.
Details coming…

But, the Watchdog has been documenting Soko’s corruption from the time he was appointed RATSA boss and we have always warned him that time is coming.

We wrote how Soko bought about 12 blocks of flats from the National Housing Authority using money from corruption. We wrote how he murdered one of his juniors who wanted to spill the beans and many more corrupt activities.

Soko’s response has been that the ZWD must be ignored and revelations dismissed with the contempt they deserve. But we knew better. We know how the story ends.

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