Police record warn and caution statement against Journalist George Zulu

Police record warn and caution statement against Journalist George Zulu

Minister of information Given Lubinda

Four police officers Monday interogated journalist George Zulu in relation to the Zambian Watchdog ownership and an email that was written by information minister Given Lubinda to PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

The email was leaked to the Watchdog by PF insiders during the runup to elections and was published verbatim on this website.

In the email, Lubinda was briefing his boss about the money for campaigns from Taiwan and Afganistan and other issues relating to the PF like demolishing certain compounds in Lusaka.

When the email was published, the police instituted investigations and questioned both current information minister Lubinda and Kabimba.

Warn and caution statements were entered against the two.

But three days after winning elections, the PF government isntructed the police to turn the case around and look for the person who leaked the email and the editors of the Watchdog.

During the interogation of Zulu on Monday, the police said they wanted to find out who the author of the story about the email between Given Lubinda and Wynter Kabimba is.

They also said they want to know who the publisher and owner of  the Zambian Watchdog is.
Police accused Zulu of being the author of  article  but caused it to be publsihed to which he denied in the presence of his lawyer.
They also wanted to find out names of other journalists who associate with the Watchdog so that they can round them up and question them.

But Zulu denied knowing any journalist associated  with the Zambian Watchdog.

Two oficers said they were  from the Drug Enforcement Commission while two were from the Zambia police service.

They told Zulu that they are investigating him for publishing what they called falsehoods and alarming the nation.

The police also asked Zulu how many stories he has written for the Zambian Watchdog.

The police also wanted to know where the main editors of the Watchdog are and why they are not in Zambia.

The police told Zulu that they will use Interpol to get the editors back to Zambia.

The police recorded a warn and caution statement against Zulu and told him that they will inform him on their next intention.

Zulu was interogatted from 14: 20 to 17 hours on Monday October  at the Police headquaters in Lusaka

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