Police release journalist Pondamali, says children traumatised

IMG_3702After detaining him with a view to charge him with aggravated robbery, the police have suddenly decided to let Kabwe based journalist Wilson Pondamali to go home.

The police had detained Pondamali in the morning at Kabwe Central police in what the Watchdog has now established were instructions from PF main lawyer Tutwa Ngulube.

And the Watchdog is reliably informed that the state has stationed an OP agent at a house near Pondamali’s residence. We shall soon expose this agent, photos and vehicles he is using,  as we have been monitoring him.

This is how Pondamali explained his ordeal after the police harassment.

After being summoned the other day, I reported myself at Zambia Police Central division headquarters at about 11:00hrs and was ushered into the office of the DCIO a Mr. Godfrey Chewe where I found a number of officers from the anti robbery squad and many Criminal investigations Officers (CIOs).

Mr. Chewe explained to me that police were acting on social media reports and ordered me to surrender my camera and two phones then detained me for over two hours within his office lobby as he instructed a junior officer from Lusaka detective Chief Inspector Mubanga to obtain a search warrant.

Thereafter I was bundled in a police van and driven to my home about two kilometres from police where the house was searched for close to 90 minutes, nothing incriminating has been found, nothing has been seized except that the events have traumatised my little children and an embarrassment in the neighbourhood.


I was driven back to the police station where no charge was laid against me and had the gadgets returned to me. Last month I reported a case of cyber bullying, where someone admitted to having registered a web that was publishing criminal defamatory stories about me and other people in Kabwe.


I gave police a recorded own admission and the phone number for one suspect and was expecting that they would question the suspects. Instead of issuing a disclaimer of those malicious stories since I was not facing any criminal charges, they opted to protect the criminals and summon me and subject me to this humiliation.

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