Police say didn’t shoot at HH

Police say didn’t shoot at HH

06TH JUNE, 2021 -The Inspector General of police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja is displeased with the conduct of the UPND on the Copper belt and has called on the police officers to continue being firm on the ground and ensure that law and order is maintained.
The Inspector General has further warned political parties taking part in the election that at no point will the police allow them to orchestrate or perpetuate their ill intentions aimed at disturbing public order.
He has further dispelled irresponsible statements circulating on social media that the police attempted to shoot at the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema whilst on the copper belt such are efforts trying to hoodwink the public for political reasons. He has advised all those worth their salt to stand on the truth as the general public expect to hear the truth from them and not the propaganda being perpetrated on social media.
At no point did the police fire live ammunition to disperse crowds during the time when the UPND leader was conducting the illegal activities as all the officers were only armed with tear smoke canisters.
Political parties have always been advised to notify the police on their intended activities as per law requirement but some political parties have dared that they would go ahead even without notifying the police. Such conduct is uncalled for and shall not be entertained.
Coming to what transpired on the Copperbelt, the UPND did not notified the police of their activities in Ndola, however police learnt that the UPND leader who is in the Province was going to attend a church service in Mushili on Saturday and whilst at Church, bus loads were seen offloading cadres which resulted in a crowd forming and they later had a roadshow forcing their way into markets where they had illegal rallies.
Considering the area being a compound, Police were patient enough and allowed them to conclude their activities at about 18 00 hours after which police sealed the route passing through town forcing them to use alternative routes.
Later in the day, Police received reports that cadres who were among the illegal crowd attacked any person that was seen wearing other political party’s regalia. Such reports include:
1. A report of unlawful wounding in which a victim was injured using a screw driver and is admitted to hospital,
2. A report of assault OABH where a victim was hacked in the head. A machete is suspected to have been used in the act and
3. A report of assault OABH in which a victim was hit with an iron bar and sustained a fractured collarbone.
At the time when the opposition leader was proceeding to Kitwe in a convoy of more than 100 motor vehicles, Police attempted to stop some motor vehicles for purposes of conducting security checks but they budged through a roadblock and stoned some traffic police officers using catapults. This resulted in Police discharging tear smoke at the unruly cadres and dispersed them.
This morning, the said opposition leader attempted to go to a local Catholic Church in Chingola District and police only allowed 10 motor vehicles to proceed. However, more motor vehicles joined leading in an unlawful procession. Police officers discharged tear smoke to disperse the crowd and at no point was live ammunition used as being insinuated in some statements circulating. Officers were only armed with riot guns and professionally dealt with the situation.
As opposed to allegations that police are stopping the opposition party from campaigning, on Friday the same UPND political party campaigned in Ndola from 13 00 hours to 19 00 hours and Police Officers were patient enough to allow them conclude their activity. All what the police are calling for is for political parties to conduct their activities within the confines of the law.
Following disturbing reports that political cadres are carrying stones on their motor vehicles and catapults among other offensive weapons, the Inspector General has directed that all Police Officers should intensify snap checks on all motor vehicles and sternly deal with anyone who will be found carrying offensive weapons. It has become evident from the reports received so far that some cadres have resorted to using catapults with the aim of causing harm on other persons, the conduct which the police shall not allow.
Any conduct that is antagonistic in nature shall be received with an equal repelling force from the police and no one should label the police of using force. All political parties have been advised to conduct themselves peacefully and responsibly. Any conduct to the contrary will be dealt with accordingly.



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  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    PFuck the PFolice PForce! Kanganja is leading the PF militia against Zambians. The whole management team of the PFolice PForce should stand trial for terrorist crimes against Zambians. They are Lungus’ stooges and assassins.

  • comment-avatar
    Kainyokolola 2 weeks ago

    Kanganja will sooner than later answer for his gutless stoogery stupidity! We will give him a swift trial and first class hanging by his baboonic stinking backside until he kicks the bucket!

  • comment-avatar
    Mercury 2 weeks ago

    So police turned up with guns and has. Guns and gas canisters are fired or released and you wonder who did? The very idea that police in Zambia like brandish weapons anyhow one day they will face guns and will they wonder?

  • comment-avatar
    James Badoo 2 weeks ago

    You can fool some people some time. You can not fool all the people all the time.  Stupid Kanganja and senseless pronouncement.  Everyone knows your role in the suppression of democratic norms. Your failure to perform will be used against you in the course of law.

  • comment-avatar
    Buck teeth lungu 2 weeks ago

    The IG is just as useless as his master lungu and Pf
    The worst ever inspector general who is just a cadre BS
    We want change

  • comment-avatar

    Those bullet marks we saw on the SUV are fake?
    ICC and HRC should investigate this case immediately

  • comment-avatar
    Fintu 2 weeks ago

    Some police officers will go to jail one day

  • comment-avatar
    Ngoma Yamaano 2 weeks ago

    When did going to church in a convoy of 100 vehicles become “disturbing public order in Zambia”. This statement from Katanga reflects a statement from a dictator spokesperson. In a normal society police donot just use firearms on innocent citizens going to church or conducting road shows!Lame excuses by police whenever they use force on innocent citizens makes breathing in Zambia impossible!!

  • comment-avatar

    Incompetent liar!! Any one knows the sound of a gun shot and people have picked casings!!