Police say search at Kaizer Zulu’s house yielded positive results

LUSAKA Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has said the search at the home of President Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu on Friday has yielded positive results.
Ms Katanga said that the search at Mr Zulu’s residence was purely incidental to the case the Lusaka Division Police were handling concerning the shooting incident at Chrismar Hotel.
“Our office conducted a search in relation to the case that he (Mr Zulu) is facing against the Firearms Act as well as the Penal Code, threatening violence. So since it’s to do with firearms we needed to look at other issues related to the case.
“I can say the search yielded positive results. As I have said, in the course of investigations there are some things which police may be looking for incidental to the case, so what we were looking for
yielded positive results,” she said.

Ms Katanga could, however, not divulge more details regarding the findings after the search, saying other things found could not be material to the case.
Police on Friday arrested and detained Mr Zulu at Woodlands Police Station for allegedly threatening violence against former vice-president Enoch Kavindele’s son, Enoch Jr, and firing gunshots in the air at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel in the early hours of September 19 after a difference.

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