Police say they have been looking for Pilato, summon him to police next Monday

Just like the Watchdog has been reporting, police have confirmed that they have been looking for  musician Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, for questioning on Monday over his alleged defamation of the President through his song. Listen to the song here

The police have also confirmed that they had summoned two DJs from Komboni radio for question over Pilato’s wildly popular song.

Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that police have been unable to serve summons on Mr Fumba because he is reportedly shifting in hiding.

Ms Katanga said police officers have been to Mr Fumba’s old home in Ndola but have not found him there nor at other residences they were directed to.

“We have tried looking for him so that we could serve him with the call-outs but we have failed to find him, so we hope that through the media he will be able to get this information,” she said.

She said police have summoned Mr Fumba to Lusaka Central Police Station for questioning on Monday at 11:00 hours.

And Ms Katanga said two Komboni Radio Disc Jockeys (DJs) were summoned on Thursday after information was received that they were playing the song on air.

She said two statements were recorded from the DJs, who denied playing the song and police set them free.
“The two were summoned after we received information that they were playing the song on air but in their interview they denied playing the song but statements were recorded from them,” Ms Katanga said.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr Fumba said he is in Nakonde and is not aware of the summons.

When asked if he would report to the police as requested, Mr Fumba said he would need to consult over the matter.

“I am around and I am somewhere working. I have not been communicated to and I am not aware of any summons,” he said.


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