Police search at UPND HQ yields nothing

Police search at UPND HQ yields nothing

A police raid at the opposition UPND headquarters Tuesday morning yielded nothing. Police failed to find any ‘seditious’ material they were ordered to find by Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu.

The UPND headquarters in Lusaka’ Rhodes Park area was surrounded by AK 47 carrying policemen by 04 in the morning.

A group of police officers were later allowed in the building while others hovered around the building. The police officers who were allowed inside the building scammed all the rooms and sat on computers looking for ‘seditious’ materials. Journalists waited outside anxiously for the police to announce the discovery.

The police officers later left with nothing and refused to answer questions from journalists who almost tauntingly asked them if they have found anything. The police officers referred journalists to police headquarters.

UPND vice-president Richard Kapita who was present during the search described the raid as the highest level of harassment by the PF regime.

Dauglas Sikalima, UPND presidential adviser told journalists later that the PF should concentrate on creating jobs for youths instead of alarming the nation.

Siakalima said UPND will not accept to be intimidated by the PF regime.

He said  his party will take up the matter a step further as accusations of possessing seditious material is serious.


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