Police set free PF cadre who shot citizen

Police set free PF cadre who shot citizen



A Mufulira based PF senior cadre Cephas Musopelo on Tuesday shot and wounded a man in Kapiri mposhi following a failed Gold deal. Musopelo in trying to cover up the crime and remain unknown changed the number plate of the vehicle they were driving and went into hiding in Kalulushi.

Following the investigations carried out by police through ZICTA the named cadre got apprehended in Kalulushi.

And police sources have confirmed that Police has been instructed to discontinue the case and the same cadre is now free Musopelo. The aforementioned cadre is known to have committed lots of crimes and hides in the name of President Edgar Lungu the boss.

Plz Hide my ID.



This is Cephas Musopelo Of Mufulira, the senior PF Cadre who shot a man in Kabwe On Tuesday.

He has since been set free and walked down the streets as if Nothing happened.

He shot the man and instructed his boys to dispose of the body thinking the man was dead.His boys decided to take the body to the Hospital where it was discovered that the man was not dead.

Police Arrested Cephas but decided to set him free at the instruction of a Known Minister.

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