Police surround UPND offices

Police surround UPND offices


Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Paramilitary Police officers have surrounded the new UPND National Youth offices.

The office which is located in Villa, Thornpark Park off Great North Road opposite CavendUniversity, was scheduled to be officially opened by UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema at 10:00 hours this morning.

The Police in their hundreds can be seen hovering around the premises both in Toyota Land Cruisers and the newly acquired anti-riot gear comprising of water cannons and the Maverick anti-riot gear.


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    Buck teeth lungu 1 week ago

    Pf out

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    This is poor timing by UPND.Look,the PF secretariate is in Villa too and today in the morning PF members were welcoming back CK into PF in the same area.So it is common sense that PF and UPND cadres could have crashed.Please politicians prevent cadres from crashing.HH could have openned that youth office tomorrow or next week.
    For me ZP did a great job here!

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    Ngombala 1 week ago

    Jameson Lungu is just confirming what Bo Sishuwa feared in his article, niti ya utwisa butuku kwa pilu, ona wa kacocotele ka kayuwe kwa malete!

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    Lungu must go!  
    PF must go!

    Is this what Edith Nawakwi has been stupidly been talking about? So Lungu has cowardly authorised the arrest of  Bally because he is  too scared to meet him in the electoral process?

    This could be one of the root causes of the problems highlighted the University of Zambia don in his article(s).

    God bless Zambia.