Police sources say Chanda was killed for refusing to share money from Sata

Police in Livingstone have disclosed that the PF cadre who was killed in the run up to the postponed by-election was killed by fellow PF cadres over Kr100, 000 sent by president Michael Sata for them to share.

But Chanda, who received the money only released Kr60, 000 and kept the Kr40 000 to himself and walked away after convincing them that the money was needed for other operations.

But the enraged youths discussed the matter and decided to follow him and grab the money from him but a psychical fight ensued resulting in  the death of Chanda who was old.

After realising that he had died, the PF cadres decided to go to the UPND camp to throw their weapons just by the gate of UPND camp.

After dropping the weapons, the same killers  went back to get the body of Chanda from  Libuyu and took it to the police and reported that they were attacked by UPND cadre.

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