Police start investigating Kambwili’s tribal hate

Police confirm receiving complaint against Kambwili for inciting tribal hatred

The Zambia Police has confirmed that they have received a complaint from Thabo Kawana, a 43 Lusaka resident against PF member Chishimba Kambwili’ s tribal hate speech.

See statement below.

30TH JUNE, 2021 – Police in Lusaka today 30th June, 2021 recieved a report of Expressing Hatred, radicule or contempt for persons because of race, place of origin or colour.
The report was made by Male adult Thabo Kawana aged 43 of Kabulonga in Lusaka at 11 30 hours that on 29th June, 2021, he came across a video footage on various social media platforms in which a man he identified as Dr Chishimba Kambwili was seen making trabal hate speech against another tribe suspecting the same to have occurred between January and 29th June, 2021 at unknown time within Zambia.

Police have launched an inquiry in the matter.


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