Police, State alter Obed Kasongo’s cause of death

Police, State alter Obed Kasongo’s cause of death

Desperate to save Bowman Lusambo from being arrested for murder medical personnel at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital have been directed to manipulate the actual cause of death of Lusaka National Democratic Congress ( NDC) chairperson Obed Kasongo.
According to the postmortem results Katongo who died as a result of head injuries and a fractured skull , is now said to have died of BP.
” there is panic and desperation. The doctors gave been forever to give fake postmortem results,” said a source close to the investigation.

Homes Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo is reportedly personally direction police and the medical personnel on the Kasongo case.

But the NDC has rejected the postmortem report issued in respect of their  late lusaka province youth Chairman Obed Kasongo.

As a party, we believe that the autopsy report has been falsified.

Further, the NDC was never given an opportunity to engage a private pathologist to conduct the said autopsy.

The report conducted by a Government medical practitioner indicates that Mr. Kasongo died as a result of cardial respiratory arrest.

The truth of the matter remains that Mr. Kasongo suffered severe internal injuries after he was beaten in Luanshya by pf thugs on April 11, last month.

We strongly suspect that named pf officials prevailed and have

In this regard, we appeal to state police to act on the initial medical report availed to authorities at the time the deceased was assaulted by Minister Bowman Lusambo.

The party is also disappointed that police are taking time to prosecute Minister Lusambo.

We have all and every evidence required clearly linking Lusambo to Mr. Kasongo’s untimely death.

The NDC will ensure that justice prevails in this matter.

We shall explore all options including reporting Minister Lusambo to the International Criminal Court.

Issued by: Emmanuel Malite. NDC Media Director.

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