Edward Mumbi charged with money laundering, MMD leaders fail deadline for bail conditions

Edward Mumbi charged with money laundering, MMD leaders fail deadline for bail conditions

Former UPND member Edward Mumbi who was picked-up by police yesterday afternoon has been charged under the Money Laundering Act and has been told to account for 8 motor vehicles and four properties he has in Lusaka.

And the MMD leaders have appeared in a Kitwe Magistrate court where they denied the charge of unlawful assembly.

Sources close to Mr. Mumbi have told the Watchdog that the trumped-up charges on Mr. Mumbi arise from his refusal to hold a press briefing to denounce and label UPND as a tribal party.

Mr. Mumbi is still in police custody who has been taken to police headquarters is likely to face trumped-up charges of money laundering.

Mr. Mumbi who is one of the founding members of the ruling PF where he saved as Secretary General is still in police custody awaiting appearance in court.

Meanwhile, MMD president Nevers Mumba and other senior party leaders arrested by PF Police yesterday for visiting chiefs and party officials on the Copperbelt have appeared before Kitwe Magistrate Court charged with unlawful assembly.

The MMD leaders have all denied the charge and have been granted bail of K2 million in own recognizance and two working sureties each who must be based in Kitwe.

They are represented by Irene Kunda, wife to late vice-president George Kunda who is also mother to one of the accused, Muchinga MP, Howard Kunda.

Scores of Kitwe residents offered solidarity to the accused with some PF members heard complaining that Zambia was slowly drifting to the era one party dictatorship.

And some police officers have complained of too much interference and meddling in this operation by officers from the Office of the President (OP) Special Division.

The meddling by the OP has led to the MMD leaders not meeting bail conditions and have since been transferred to Kanfinsa prison where they will be locked-up.

A Kitwe Magistrate Court has set December 24 2012 as date for mention in the matter in which MMD leaders Nevers Mumba has been charged with unlawful assembly.

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