Police State: UPND Kanyama rally stopped again, now opposition applies for Chawama

Police State: UPND Kanyama rally stopped again, now opposition applies for Chawama

The PF police have once again denied the opposition UPND permission to hold the long awaited mass rally at Twashuka grounds in Kanyama, Lusaka this Sunday 16th September 2012.

UPND had submitted another notification for rally yesterday but police have cited security reasons this time around for cancellation of the rally.

Police have also contended that the rally cannot be held at Twashuka grounds in Kanyama because the venue is still a source of litigation between the opposition party and themselves.

Sources within UPND have again said they will resort to court to seek redress on the latest development.

Meanwhile, the opposition party has today notified the police of their intention to hold another rally in Chawama on Sunday 23rd, September 2012.

Last Sunday, the PF regime using their police blocked the UPND from holding a rally despite obtaining a court order citing conflicting reasons.

Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba said the UPND could not hold the rally because of seditious documents while his counterpart at Ministry of Information, Kennedy Sakeni cited a defective court order.

Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda, who was Acting government spokesperson said the PF government had no role in rally cancellation while the police said there would be no manpower because of the football match that was taking place on Saturday, yet there were enough police to stop people from going to the rally on Sunday.

PF cadres armed with pangas and matchetes without a permit were also roaming the streets threatening people that wanted to attend the rally.

Several organisations including those that were previously compromised by PF government, such as Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), have condemned police brutality actions.

The American government also recently told PF leaders to be tolerant to divergent views.

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