Police still detaining opposition supporters without charge

Six UPND members picked from the party’s mobilization office on Friday morning have remained in custody without being charged.
Police say the six are being held for investigation purposes and will remain in detention until late next week since this is a holiday and for some illogical, stupid reasons, the Zambian police do not release people, even innocent ones during the weekend or holiday.

Police Deputy Spokesperson, Rae Hamonga says only after investigations are concluded will the police decide on the appropriate charges.

He says details of the type of investigations will be availed at a later stage as doing so now could jeopardize the investigations.

This is how the police in Africa work, first detain then start investigating, then when investigations prove futile, release the victim after suffering in prison.

In civilised countries when people’s rights are respected, the police only detain someone when they have concluded investigations. In Zambia, especially under Lungu, a person is guilty until proven innocent, the opposite of common sense.

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