Police still ‘looking’ for offence to charge M’membe and wife

The police and public prosecutors still do not know what offence to charge Post newspaper editor Fred M’membe, his wife Mutinta and deputy managing editor Joseph Mwenda. The police were just ordered by president Edgar Lungu to arrest them then later charge them with whatever offence then can dream of.

And the police, under orders from state house, are said to be planning another raid on the Post to arrest other staff so that tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper is not published.

M’membe, his wife and Mwenda were by 14 hours’ local time on Tuesday still detained at central police but no charge had been laid against them.

Police sources tell the Watchdog the police were still waiting for instructions from state house on what offence to charge the three

Charges such as tax evasion and laughable ones such as conduct likely to disturb the peace and idling have all been considered

The bottom line is that the police have no case against the three but have to obey the orders of desperate outgoing president Edgar Lungu.

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