Police storm Kariba FM radio station, harass workers

PF police yesterday stormed Kariba FM radio station in Siavonga for allegedly broadcasting a news item that suggested that policemen who were drinking at the expense of working must be transferred from Siavonga.

It is alleged that UPND district Chairman Jelly Kapalangwe told the radio station that police in the area spent a lot of time drinking at the expense of working, and consequently the police summoned Mr. Kapalangwe but have not laid any charges against him.

A visibly drunk policeman, Inspector Chikwanda told the workers that police had summoned Mr. Kapalangwe but did not state the offence, all he said was that they wanted the recording to use in the laying of charges against him but the workers refused and have vowed not to avail the said recording.

Meanwhile, Media institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia has warned the police to stop gagging the media as the media was not an extension of the police to keep recordings of news items the government’s perceived enemies.

A MISA statement obtained by the Zambian Watchdog said that if the police were on a surveillance mission, they should mount their own recording systems other than bringing the media into the mud.

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