Police summon Austin Sichinga over missing Lexus

The police have summoned former State House Chief of Staff Austin Sichinga in connection with the presidential vehicles which are said to be missing.

President Michael Sata on October 13 told the nation that former president Rupiah Banda bought four expensive Toyota Lexus vehicles.

Sata condemned the wastage of money in procuring such expensive vehicles and revealed that two of the Lexus were missing.

He directed Minister of Home Affairs Kennedy Sakeni to investigate the matter.

On Friday November 4, 2011, the police summoned Austin Sichinga to appear for questioning sometime next week.

At the time the vehicles were bought, Sichinga who is now the permanent Secretary in the ministry of agriculture was then in charge of State House staff.

Austing Sichinga is one of the very few officials from the Rupiah Banda government who has been given a job under the Sata regime.

Austin Sichinga is the brother of Commerce minister Bob Sichinga. Bob Sichinga’ son is married to president Sata’s daughter.

It is not clear if Austin Sichinga is married to Catherine Namugala but what is true is that they have three children Anchindika John Bright Sichinga, Walusungu Sichinga and Kondwani Sichinga.

And the Watchdog understands that president Michael Sata is using one of the Lexus vehicles at the centre of the investigations.

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