Police summon Dora Siliya’s teen son over MMD campaign materials

Police summon Dora Siliya’s teen son over MMD campaign materials

Dora Siliya

Police have summoned former education minister Dora Siliya’s 19-year old son for questioning.

And Dora Siliya herself will be interrogated by police today at 11 hours over MMD campaign materials at Woodlands police station.

Her son has been ordered to appear at the same Woodlands police station at 09 hours today, Wednesday.

The teenage boy will also be interrogated in connection with MMD campaign materials.

He is based in the United Kingdom where he is attending school but is currently in Zambia on holiday.

Meanwhile, MY Home Town (MHT) managing director Silas Mungala has told Daily MAIL from his base in Choma on Monday that it is unfortunate that the issue of the seized electric motor cycles valued at about K140 million has brought about political undue excitement.

“I will be able to lay everything to rest. I want someone to come to me in an official manner so that we can lay everything to rest,” Mr Mungala said.

He said there are many of such electric motor cycles running in all parts of the country which his organisation has supplied for sale.

“Those motor cycles are all over the country, we bought them for sale. Unless I see them, that is when I will be able to confirm that they are the ones,” Mr Mungala said.

Mr Mungala said the electric motor cycles will be easy to identify if they are the same ones supplied to the MHT Petauke Chapter because they are branded.

He said unless there shall be an official enquiry on the seized electric motor bicycles, he would not be able to comment on the matter.

Mr Mungala challenged the Government to make an official inquiry to My Home Town in as far as the motor bikes that were confiscated from Ms Siliya, the former Education Minister in the MMD government.

“Unless I get an official query on the matter that is when I will be able to give a statement. If there is an official inquiry let them come to me but as far as I am concerned no bicycles belonging to My Home Town have gone missing,” Mr Mungala said.

He, however, said his organisation has not received reports that the motor bikes are missing, adding he would have been the first to report the matter to police had there been claims of missing bicycles.

He, however, clarified assertions that Ms Siliya is the matron for MHT stating that the Petauke law maker is in fact an ordinary member of the organisation.

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