Police summon HH

Police summon HH

Police have summoned UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for questioning.

This follows instructions by numerous PF politicians and journalists.

The Kwacha is expected to fall starting from tomorrow due to fear and anxiety that will follow.

Hichilema has been asked to appear at Ndola police headquarters next week on Wednesday.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that the plan was to arrest him today at Woodlands police station but there was fear of an uprising in the capital city

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    Please talk of how you are going to develop the country, not Everytime is about differs you are disturbing our peace we love you all but you must anerlising which stapes to take don’t franstrate the nation, one Zambia one nation 😁✌️✌️✌️

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    Is a lie criminal? Why do you always make mole hills into mountains? A lie is not even an offense that can send someone to jail. You pay K200 at court and you are out. If you are saying that he incited, you must prove how he did it. There is Zaffico in Ndola where HH was how come the riots were in Kitwe? Prove that HH made contact with anybody in Kitwe for them to riot. Pf lawyers do not use the law for their court cases but bring politics into law and expect Judges to be comfortable with it. That is why there are so many nolles. Apply the law properly. you can not detain somebody for a lie. If you say, “No my brother you lied, the truth is this” what do you lose? Is it that you must always want to punish? What hatred is this happening in Zambia. If it was KK what he would do is to address the nation to clarify the issue period. The problem with thieves, they do things in a hide and seek style. If anybody speculates they arrest. You cause speculation because of your style of governance.

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    Prof Zulu 5 days ago

    Great men will be always accused for nothing and arrested but still they achieve what they want. Look at KK, SATA and Nelson Mandela, these men were arrested at one time and be in prison for so many years but not they became President. Its only your president ba tu PF who has tasted the bitterness to find sweetness. But I can a sure you that no matter how many times you can arrest HH, he will still be a President of Zambia in 2021 and there will be no more Edgar, Kampyongo, Siliya mamini skirt, and other thieves not mentioned.

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    There goes this trible idoit again WD don’t post this unreasonig idoits comments. Boma in boma but those guys are trained to do they job not under the influence of a moron like njimbu.

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    Lisa 5 days ago

    Suppressing HH’s petition case is enough evidence that pf was badly whacked in the 2016 election. On the ground, pf is finished. It is using the judiciary & police intimidation and violence to cling to power. Harassing opposition leaders is like a quack doctor who focuses more on treating signs &symptoms than treating the disease . Pf is finished. They started campaigning just after 2016 but its presence is only felt when they purchase a counsellor. Pf is finished. Why plan to seal off ndola on wedn if pf is popular? It means you are scared of Kambwili’s supporters too. Better be told that majority zambians have lost appetite for pf and vomit upon seeing the pf regalia. We wait for wednesday.

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    Power Blackout 5 days ago

    Lusaka.West  In power blackout from from 20 hours last night up to 6 am there is still no ZESCO POWER

    What a country

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    Break News 5 days ago

    Being an opposition politician in Africa
    Despite the internal rows, the MDC was still gaining popular support and was perceived by Mugabe as a major threat.
    In 2007 Tsvangirai was again arrested and, this time, taken to a special forces barracks, where for several hours he was badly beaten, causing a fractured skull and internal bleeding. He was taken to a local hospital where TV pictures of his injuries were taken by a freelance cameraman, Edward Chikomba, and smuggled out of Zimbabwe. Chikomba was later abducted and killed.
    His greatest strength was his bravery. He risked his life to stood up to the authoritarian rule of Robert Mugabe and his allies in the security forces. He was twice severely beaten for his pains and three times charged with treason.
    Despite this, he continually found himself out-manoeuvred by Robert Mugabe who refused to cede any power.
    Tsvangirai was eventually sworn in as prime minister but found it impossible to achieve any meaningful reforms. However he played a part in paving the way for the overthrow of Mugabe in 2017.
    Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was born on 10 March 1952 in the Gutu area of Southern Rhodesia, one of nine children of a carpenter.
    He left school to become a textile weaver, but then went to work in a mine in Bindura, 50 miles north-east of Harare.
    Tsvangirai became involved in union activities and was elected to the executive of the National Mine Workers Union.
    When Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980 he joined Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party and rose to become a senior official.

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    @Lisa and Dongo:no UPND cadre can stand in the way of the police and no Chinese shops will be looted once HH is arrested.All men in uniform work with the Govnt of the day.Plus China is a super power which is capable of protecting its citizens in Zambia from you Namwala tribal creatures,hence stop deceiving yourselves.Even if all opposition parties teamed up,they cannot defeat PF Govnt.Moreover,only Kambwili’s NDC with no following,Charles Milupi (with no following),Mike Mulongoti(with no following),etc can support your Kainde.Many other opposition parties work with PF and you know this fact though you choose to deceive yourselves in UPND!!!HH is summoned to appear at the police in Ndola because that is where he committed the said crime!!!Recall,Copperbelt urban is dominated by Northerners and Easterners who traditionally support PF:again this is the fact you in UPND choose to ignore despite your HH losing in Northern and Eastern provinces since 2006!!!
    We shall see next week,but be assured that ZP will cage any arrogant UPND cadre in Ndola,dull cadres may end up losing their lives-mark my words because Boma ni Boma!!!

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    SADC Leadership is required now 6 days ago

    Chiluba wanted to deport KK to Malawi at one time. The reaction from regional leaders was swift! We hear Mugabe called Chiluba that the moment KK gets on a flight out, Zimbabwe would close its border. This decision was reversed and KK remained in Z up to date. We need that type of honest leadership displayed over this mattter by Comrade Mugabe in our current regional leaders otherwise SADC will never grow economically as most fundamental issues.are ignored. 

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    Dongo 6 days ago

    This could be a trick so that the cadres who are supposed to protect their leader should relax thinking HH’s possible arrest will be done in Ndola when their plan is to execute it tonight. Be alert and ready for anything.

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    As it is 6 days ago

    Yaaba! Hw do you take a callout to a hunger stricken town? A hungry man is an angry man. More chinese shops will be looted. Just rescend the move if you are wise. See beyond you nose! Don’t be misled by cadres.

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    Lisa 6 days ago

    HH has massive support even on the c/b.. Pf is finished everywhere one goes to. Time for genuine opposition parties to work together and defeat the increasingly nauseating pf political oppression.

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    PF has lost legitimacy to rule 6 days ago

    The PF government has lost legiiimacy to rule and the sooner they step down and call for early elections the better. There is no business and investor confidence left. We are living under state captured by the Chinese just like Zums did. We need a new Cyril Rhamaphosa. HH is the new leader we need to restore business and investor confidence. 

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    Dont cheat yourselves that there will be uprising in the capital city if HH is arrested.Lusaka is dominated by PF supporters.unless maybe if it was in Namwala.How do you forget so fast?HH was in Jail after a Mongu saga and you all complained how Zambians moved on with their lives despite Kainde being mudende!!!Only Jesus Christ died for us sinners,hence nobody in Zambia would sacrifice his or her life for the sake of HH or even Edgar Lungu-NEVER!!if HH committed a crime by lying that ZAFFICO has been sold by Govnt when not,the law shall deal with him alone and Zambians shall move on with their daily lives peacefully.Its like you guys in UPND do not learn.That young tonga lady from Msisi died over HH few years ago and she is gone for nothing,so why should a normal person take it to the street for the sake of Kainde?kkkkkkkkk….continue deceiving yourselves!!!Last time it was Mrs Scotland who saved HH and not any UPND cadre or cadres….Boma ni Boma!!!Zambia is bigger than any politician.HH,ECL,any politician are not above the law!!!HH committed a crime in Ndola,so he has to appear at the police there-this is how it is done!!!If any dull UPND cadre dares the police,he or she will join HH behind bars if he will be arrested in Ndola next week.HH should just control his desperation for state house and all will be fine with him.Mr Sata did civilised politics,hence winning the hearts of majority Zambians!!LIES HAVE NO LEGS,THEREFORE,HH SHOULD AVOID TELLING LIES IF HE IS TO WIN THE HEARTS OF ZAMBIANS!!!over the sale of Zaffuco,HH lied-period!!