Police Summon Mast Newspaper over Kambwili statement

The PF police have summoned the Editor in Chief of the Mast Newspaper to appear before the District Criminal Investigations Officer at Lusaka Central police today at 10 hours.
The police claim that they want the Mast Newspaper Editor in Chief to help them with investigations in a criminal matter they are currently investigating.
The Zambia Watchdog is aware that the matter is in connection with a statement that was issued by Roan Member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili alleging that Edgar Lungu was a thief who stole his clients money when he was practising as a lawyer and is in similar manner stealing money from Zambians.
Kambwili had stated on the day he was acquitted on trumped up traffic offences that Lungu was a Kabolala (Thief) and Zambians needed to vote him out of office so that his immunity can be removed to pave way for investigations to ascertain how he has amassed such wealth in a short period of time.
Former president of Zambia late F.T J Chiluba at one time sued the defunct Post Newspaper after they called him a thief but the matter boomeranged on him as it resulted in unearthing of the Zamtroop account which led to his immunity being removed and subsequent prosecution on corruption charges after he left the presidency.

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