Police summon Muvi Tv owner


Police in Lusaka have summoned Muvi TV executive director Stephen Nyirenda for questioning over undisclosed matters.
And the Independent Broadcasting Authority has ordered Muvi TV to furnish it with all recordings of news bulletins and politically inclined discussions and adverts televised between May 26 and August 21.
Meanwhile, High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa will on August 29 hear a case in which Muvi TV and Komboni Radio have sued the state over the suspension of their broadcasting licences.
Muvi TV lawyer Milner Katolo confirmed that police had summoned Nyirenda for questioning.
“We are going to the police next week; they have not given us reasons yet but we will know when we appear before them on Tuesday next week,” Katolo said. “I am aware they had done a search at his (Nyirenda’s) home, whatever they were looking for, whether it is the PVT documents, so all those will be addressed.”
Katolo also said the IBA had demanded all prime time news bulletin recordings Muvi TV televised within the stipulated period.
“We received a letter today from the Independent Broadcasting Authority requesting for broadcast recordings and they are asking that Muvi TV furnishes the authority with broadcast recordings for the period 26 May 2916 to 21 August 2016 and that this recording must comprise all prime time news bulletins as well as politically inclined discussions and adverts,” Katolo said.
He said the institution would not heed to IBA’s demand because it remained closed.
“We told them that ‘you closed Muvi and we don’t know what you have done in the interim’ and if they want to do that, let them go ahead on their own (and find the recordings), so that is where we are now,” Katolo said.
Meanwhile, Muvi TV and Komboni Radio have cited the IBA and Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority in a case they are challenging the suspension of their broadcasting licences.
The two media houses have also applied for mandatory injunction and an order compelling the IBA and ZICTA to remove police officers from Muvi TV and Komboni Radio premises and to compel the two authorities to surrender the broadcasting equipment they seized.
They contend that IBA erred in law and fact when it suspended the broadcasting licences without first affording them an opportunity to be heard as required by the mandatory provisions of the IBA (amendment) Act of 2010.
Further, Muvi TV has argued that IBA erred in law because procedure stipulated in section 29 (2) of the IBA (amendment) Act of 2010, which obliges the authority to notify the licensee of the conditions of the broadcasting licence, had not been complied with.
“The Authority erred in law and fact when it suspended the appellant’s broadcasting licences based on the provisions of section 29(1) (1) without giving sufficient particulars of specific incidents of alleged unprofessional conduct or specific details of how public safety, security or peace was threatened by the appellant’s broadcasts,” read the appeal in part.
The IBA withdrew broadcasting licences for Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Radio Itezhi-Tezhi for unspecified security concerns.

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