Police summon whistle blower of stolen black Lechwes

Police summon whistle blower of stolen black Lechwes


Police have summoned Nsama Learns, who blew the whistle on the apparent illegal relocation of 80 black Lechwes, a unique species of impala in the world only found in Bangweulu wetlands in Luapula

Nsama Explains;

“I have been summoned to Lusaka police for asking about the whereabouts of 80 Black Lechwe”,

“Perhaps I will meet with our American ambassadors too since he claims millions of dollars have been stolen with no action and wildlife barbarically poached, let’s see if the police treat all human beings equally or do they just target black rural women ???????? am watching the space”

Last month, Minister of Tourism and Arts, Ronald Chitotela directed the Police Commissioner for Luapula Province to summon conservationist Nsama Learns over the alleged 80 missing Black Lechwes in Bangweulu Wetlands.

Mr Chitotela said Ms Learns having started the story must provide more information on how the animals were moved from the Wetlands to wherever they have been taken.

He said the conservationist must further provide information on who did the head count to determine that 80 Lechwes were missing.

Mr Chitotela said government and President Edgar Lungu have developed interest in the revelation and more information was needed.

And Mr Chitotela described the allegations that 80 black Lechwes are missing as propaganda meant to tarnish the image of President Edgar Lungu and his government.

He said there are some people that are targeting strong people surrounding President Lungu who they want to push out before they start fighting him.

Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga refuted reports that 80 Black lechwes were missing in Bangweulu Wetlands.

Mr Malupenga called on Ms Nsama Learns who raised alarm that the animals were captured from the Bangwelu Wetlands during the banned exercise to help the police and other investigative wings with facts on what she knows about the ‘missing’ animals.

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