Police surround church looking for Nevers Mumba

Police in riot gear Sunday mid-morning surrounded a guest house that MMD leader Nevers Mumba was staying in during his campaigns in Mpongwe.

But the PF police did not know that Dr Mumba left Mpongwe on Saturday afternoon and was by that time in Livingstone to campaign for his other candidate in that part of the country.

When the police realised that he was not in the guest house, they were again misled by someone that he was at a local Baptist church. They drove to Kanyenda ward where some MMD officials were attending a church service.

The police surrounded the church while three of them desecrated  the House of God by entering with guns and  pretending to be praying as well.

According to people in the church, helicopters were hovering over the church while more police officers in riot gear trooped into the church ground.

One church goer complained that what kind of country  Zambia has become where police can storm into churches to intimidate worshipers.

Last week, dictator Michael Sata phoned Copperbelt province police commissioner Mary Tembo ordering her to arrest Dr Mumba for defamation of the president.


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