Police surround former Barotse Prime minister’ s house?

Reports received this morning indicate that police have surrounded the house of former Barotseland Ngambela Clement W. Sinyinda.

Sinyinda’s house was reportedly surrounded in the early hours of this morning, in what seems to be an imminent arrest or a house search of some kind.

A source close to his family in an interview with Barotsepost reporter says it is not yet clear what the out come for this latest police move will be, but has promised to come back with an update as soon as more is known. He however, fears for the former Sope’s life.

His suspicion is that the former Ngambela might be arrested over some ‘crime’ whose evidence maybe planted during the so called search as it is ‘unthinkable’ that Zambia would sink so low as to arrest him over what the people of Barotseland unanimously resolved during last year’s Barotse National Council which voted for Barotseland independence from Zambia.

In his recent visit to Barotseland, president Sata of Zambia ordered for the arrest of Hon. Clement Sinyinda for his role in the impending ‘secession’ of Barotseland from Zambia.

Source: Barotse Post

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