Police surround Kambwili’s house

Police surround Kambwili’s house

Now Heavily armed Police officers have surrounded Chishimba Kambwili’s house in Luanshya. Its not yet known why the police want the NDC leader but people are mockingly saying the crime Kambwili may have committed is to ‘white wash’ the PF in the just ended bye election in Roan.

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    owen syasunka 5 days ago

    he is a good leader Kabwili

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    Ngana 5 days ago


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    Black Sabath 5 days ago

    When you give a country into hands of foreigners this is what happens Zambia is doomed because of Tanzanians,Malawians and Senegeles it will not be easy to get the country back to us

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      FuManchu 5 days ago

      Hmm!!! Who are Edgar Lungu’s course mates at UNZA who can’t even give him advice? Surely just as all of us have friends in both PF and Oppositin parties we have the benefit of listening to both sides and so does Lungu. Oh! One Wynter Kabimba is the only one who vouched he knew ECL despite his current dead silence! The man as national leader has managed to corrupt administration of good governance and getting adopted a substandard constitution selective on application and compromises integrity to serving him!

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    Newbi 5 days ago

    @Chisha Banda: How the hell can the British GIVE you independence? It’s your country to begin with. The British occupied it against the will of Zambians, stole your resources and put clowns in place to rule after it with this exact view – this is exactly the mentality that encourages self hatred and ineptitude to rule Zambia. Divide and conquer at its best, all to allow other countries to continue to own your resources.
    This continues to be exhibited in the fools that run PF.
    It’s only principled leadership that doesn’t use police to intimidate and quell opposition to their thievery and general ineptitude that will allow this country to prosper, not Britain giving you anything.
    Where do you people come from?

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    Chisha Banda 6 days ago

    Africans and Zambians in particular brought under reigns of Chiefs cannot understand and appreciate democracy. The British were wrong to give us independence prematurely before we became politically and culturally mature. The British through the Commonwealth should send representative to each former colony to insure that basic human rights are observed such as freedom of association and expression.