Police surround UNZA, beat students

Happening now at 22 hours:

Police beating and teargassing University of Zambia students in their hostels. The whole University campus is in teargas smoke while students are trapped in their rooms. Some students have gone to the road side to repel the attackers, who waited until nightfall to start beating up students.

Following the depreciation of the Kwacha, resulting in prices of essential commodities by more than 300 per cent, student are demanding an increment in their alliances.

Students on government bursary are entitled to K22 a day and that is what they were being paid last academic year but the government now wants to reduce the daily allowances to K18.

In another development, watch Zambia police brutality here https://www.facebook.com/ZambianWatchdog/videos/vb.129987587052000/1038090769575006/?type=2&theater


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