Police teargas HH and team


On Friday 13th November, 2015. The PF Police Command in Lusaka sent in Riot Police to Kafue and turned Kafue into a war zone.

HH came into town to greet his members and to greet the new UPND executive members.

The Police in full force sent in Riot Police and the Local Police Officers who were being used to flush HH from the meeting that was taking place at Lilo Lodge.

The PF Police Force have imposed a no movement restriction on HH and banned him from entering Copperbelt where the PF policies have inflicted massive problems in the region.

Now this has been extended to Kafue. Running battles ensued in Kafue with the Policeman named Jet Lee firing not less than 10 teargas canisters.

A young lady working at Lilo Lodge along Kafue – Lusaka road was seriously injured and referred to Kafue District Hospital from C5 clinic due to injury and gassing. The same happened to the 6months old baby.

A by stander was arrested and detained at ZC police post in Zambia Compound.
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