Police to arrest doctors’ representative

Police to arrest doctors’ representative

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Police warn and caution Dr. Sampa with inciting workers to strike

LUSAKA, 08TH JUNE, 2021 – Police in Lusaka today 08th June, 2021 warned and cautioned, Dr. Brian Chota Sampa aged 34, a Medical Doctor of Ngwayi village, Chief Kopa in Mpika District also of Lusaka South.

He has been cautioned for ‘Inciting persons employed in the provision of essential services contrary to section 107 subsection (5) and (7) Chapter 269 of the Industrial and Labour Relations Act of the Laws of Zambia.
This is alleged to have occurred between 12th May, 2021 and 31st June, 2021 in Lusaka.

Investigations have continued.


08th June, 2021

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