Police to arrest UPND officials, link them to gassing

Police to arrest UPND officials, link them to gassing

The PF regime intends to arrest Key UPND officials and link them to the current gassing of citizens in the country, highly placed State House sources have disclosed.

Apparently, the whole gassing situation has embarrassed the PF regime as citizens have pointed the activity to that of state sponsored terrorism.

Sources say the PF regime afternoon got hold of one of the documents they got from the UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe when they searched her law firm and arrested her.

On that document, the PF have manufactured a fake page containing some key UPND members and link them to the current gassing of citizens.

Once these UPND members have been arrested, the PF will immediately withdraw their agents who are gassing citizens and then claim the gassing of citizens has ended after arresting of people (UPND members) responsible to the operation.

“They will also make it appear that former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) is among those who gave them the information”, sources close to the operations have revealed.

Sources say the PF regime is embarrassed that so far only PF members and state agents such as Police officers have been arrested and questioned for gassing citizens.

“That’s why you hear Edgar Lungu said the law will take it’s course whether it’s the PF of the UPND. But truth is the whole operation has gone badly against the PF regime hence finding any means to link HH and UPND. And so far, GBM has embarrassed them because they never summoned him over his careless statement that he knew the people behind the gassing of citizens. So they want to cleanse him by purporting that he’s one of the sources of the data because he was a senior member of the UPND”, sources have disclosed.

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