Police to conduct random clean-up search for guns

In 2001, the Zambia Police Service introduced a general firearms Amnesty whose objective was to remove prohibited and illegally acquired Firearms as well as prohibited firearms accessories and ammunition from members of the public with a view of reducing the prevalence of violent crime in the Country.
I wish to announce to the general public that the Firearms Amnesty will be coming to an end on 30th June, 2020. My appeal, therefore to the general public is that those still in possession of illegally acquired firearms should take advantage of the remaining period of the Amnesty to surrender them to the Police.
In the same vein, I am reminding all those who have inherited firearms of their deceased relatives without following laid down procedure in changing ownership to deposit such weapons in the Public Ware House without delay or risk being arrested and prosecuted.
Police will soon conduct random clean-ups in search of illegally owned firearms and all those that would be found wanting will be prosecuted accordingly and should have themselves to blame.
I further call upon members of the public who could have information on anyone in possession of illegal arms to report to any nearest police.



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