Police to thoroughly investigate Lubinda as he tells police email was hacked

Patriotic Front chairperson for local government given Lubinda Thursday afternoon told police that his email was hacked.

And government says all investigative wings have been ordered to get to the bottom of the story so that Zambians know the truth.

The full and nature of Lubinda´s complaint to the police is not yet clear as journalists were not allowed at the police station but police sources say he complained that his email was hacked.

He claimed that the contents of the now famous email were the work of a hacker.

But home affairs deputy minister Gaston Sichilima promised that the police will find out the truth.

He said all investigative wings including those dealing with money laundering, drugs and corruption have been ordered to thoroughly investigate.

He said he is happy that Given Lubinda has taken the matter to the police as that will be a good starting point for the police.

In the email first published verbatim here, Lubinda was informing PF secretary general Kabimba that they have upto date received $45 million from their friends in Taiwan and Afghanistan for this year’s elections.

Lubinda was also expressing his opposition to the party´s plan to make it compulsory for all unemployed youths to be conscripted into the army and sent to war-torn countries like Sudan and Afghanistan.

He was also worried about the party´s plan to demolish some residential areas in Lusaka in order to create land for its foreign financiers.

PF secretary general Kabimba has not denied receiving the email. When he was asked to comment, his answer was, ´ask the purported author.´

On Thursday, party president Michael Sata told the nation on Hot FM that he directed to Lubinda to report the matter to police.

But PF sources say Lubinda was unwilling to go to the police and did it reluctantly.

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