Police torture Barotse activist Boyd Nyambe

Police torture Barotse activist Boyd Nyambe

Police in Lukulu district of Western province have severely tortured Boyd Nyambe, the Barotse activist who is alleged to have spearheaded the painting of  Barotse freedom messages on government vehicles in the area. His relatives are being barred from seeing him and they fear he may die in police cells.

Nyambe has not been charged with any offence but was tortured and severely assaulted by police after he was arrested yesterday. Police sources who do not approve of the cruelty have told the Watchdog that Nyambe’s whole body is in a swollen state due to the beatings.

“His entire body is swollen and he is now unconscious. He is bleeding profusely and the relatives have been pleading with the Police to allow them to rush him to the hospital for medical attention but the police on duty are so far refusing to allow him to receive medical attention,” reported a whistle blower policeman.

Asked why no charge has been preferred on Boyd, the source said that police in the area were waiting for further instructions from Lusaka, and possibly they may have to take him to Lusaka in the same vegetative state so that his relatives do not have access to him as is the case with the four other activists detained at Mukobeko prison in Kabwe.

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