Police try to enforce Public Order Act at Nkombo’s residence

By Garry Nkombo

Just concluded my tour of Mazabuka ward 13 and attended a meeting to reconsolidate the UPND support in the Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as the man destined to take over the reigns of this country in order to put all the P.F mismanagement and draconian rule right.

In attendance to pledge support were headmen, Kabanje Ntoba, Cheelo, Ncheema, Mpikwa, Chibbwelela, Himboole, and Senior headman Siyowi.

They and their over 1000 subject the area councillor Lloyd Buumba have renewed our resolve to usher HH into statehouse to tide up the country.

In the meantime, can you imagine the police in Mazabuka wanted to inspect my private residence to determine whether or not it was a safe place for people in their guise to enforce the Public Order Act.

I chased them and called Dr. Solomon Jere the Deputy I.G of police to inform home that someone was trading on a ground that was dangerous.

For now I am back in the city of Lusaka energized to continue the fulfillment of my pledge to Hakainde that I made in his son’s bedroom Habwela post Great man Mazoka’s passing that “On this political path for who I was consulted when to accept or not, he will never walk alone.

To my leader, mentor and very close buddy, I say unto you, Ain’t no stopping us now, we are on the move. Utayandi, achileke.


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