Police trying cover up fraud case

Police trying cover up fraud case

The 8 police officer at central where Bruce Ernest and Charles Somusokwe and Apiah the Nigerian national are being held have now been paid yet to be disclosed sums of money to dissolve the case.

The Nigerian national Charles Appiah was rounded up at east Park Mall on Friday driving a GRZ vehicle belonging to one of the government ministries.
Our investigation have revealed that the GRZ vehicle belong to one of the famale government official who is in a relationship with the the suspect.
She has so far been spearheading the bribing of police officers and has already prepared documents to have him flee the country once he gets a police bond today.
The other suspects are being held at chelston police while Bruce and Charles the master minders are at central police.
Currently the case is supposed to be handled by the anti Money laundering department at the police headquarters but there are several attempted to kill the case.
They have not been charged since Friday.

In the photo is Charlie Simusokwe he is one of the people in the fraud cases of companies.

He has stolen a lot of money and bought a Range Rover, he is Kaizar’s Chola boy.

Last week he spent over 20,000 kwacha In Chicago’s at east park something he has never done before.



There is a big fraud case over 100, 000 United States Dollars in Zambia involving PF cadres and a Nigerian national.

The individuals involved have been identified as Lombe Bwalya, Bruce Ernest mayor aspirant, Marvin, Charles lwepa, Josephine Chewe and Charles Appiah a Nigerian swindled international banks through Zanaco and other banks where they opened accounts.

The said people have opened fraudulent companies and placed them on the international market portraying them as companies Operating in UK which attracted shares from various companies and individuals.

They have been seen buying brand new showroom ford ranger, Ford Mustang Range Rovers ,houses etc while splashing money at various drinking joints in Lusaka and gifting girlfriends with expensive cars and phones.

The case has been dragging for four days since the arrest of some of the involved persons as all law enforcement agencies getting involved are being bribed to dismiss the case.

The information has reached President Edgar Lungu but some PF officials are benefiting in order dismiss the case.

The deal went wrong when one of the members was being given money to bribe Presidential advisor Kaiza Zulu for the law not to catch up with them but diverted into his account while lying to his colleagues that he did.

So far their bank accounts with various banks which include Barclay’s, Zanaco, FNB and Stanbic banks among others have so far been frozen while cars impounded at central police where they are being held in police custody.
High profile meetings are being held over the same.
In the pictures are the thieves.


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