Police waiting for Kanene’swife to report

Zambia Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda has appealed to Clifford Dimba a.k.a General Kanene’s wife to report him to the police for assault so that action can be taken against him.

Chanda said the police have read the alleged assault in the media and online publications but cannot arrest Kenene because there was no formal report at the moment from the victim.

‘ We have not received any formal report from the victim that she has been assaulted by the husband so for now we would like to appeal to the victim to report the suspect to the nearest police station that is when we will move in as police,’ said Chanda.

Kanene assaulted one of his three wives’s for refusing to have sex with him just few days after being pardoned by President Lungu from serving his 18 year jail sentence for defilement. President Lungu also appointed Kanene as an ambassador against gender based violence.

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